martedì 15 dicembre 2009

What are the Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

The autoflowering cannabis seeds belongs to a new generation of cannabis strain. Let's do a step back to explain better what the differences are. The cannabis is grown, between other uses, also for the resin that is abundant on the top the female flowers, but not on the males. For this reason is very desirable to get only female plant out of the seeds, and not males. But the sex cannot be determined only looking at the seeds, so the breeders have found in the last 10 years the way to produce feminized cannabis seeds, that are able to generate only female plants. Now there is another problem: the cannabis plant, every cannabis plant, needs at least 12 hours of dark per day to start to produce flowers. For these reason the autoflowering cannabis seeds have been created: these seeds generate plants that are 100% female and they don't need 12 hours of dark per day to flower. Instead they start automatically to flower after 18-20 days, and after 6 days they have produced wonderful and fully mature marijuana buds. That's the reason why these kind of seeds are becoming more and more popular.

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